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Welcome to Viable Press, a publishing company that has a passion to bring to the forefront issues that impact the world. George Gmitro's book series will invite you to identify with characters that confront the competing interests of the day and claim the power in God's grace. In the Write For Life Series, you will be captivated by the struggles of the Strickland family and the courage they take to boldly stand for what is right.

In the first release, VIABLE@140 depicts a father's struggle to save the life of his preborn child during a crisis pregnancy. This suspenseful and intriguing work of fiction depicts abortion and Pro-life in a personal and passionate way. The author not only discusses the policies of today (Roe vs Wade, SCOTUS) but puts the emphasis on the main problem...the competing interests of a fallen world.

Once you immerse yourself into the struggles of these characters you will experience helplessness, anger, betrayal, courage, loyalty, love, and the peace in God's grace. VIABLE@140 will ignite a passion for life affirming choices!

Order VIABLE@140 and get involved in the celebration of life!

Captivating page turner that validates the need to stand up for what you believe in.

Wayne Turner

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